The Increase of Healthy, Natural Organic Food Stores in Canada and USA


Many people today are concerned about the chemicals found on and in the food they consume. The way modern day farming is done, there are many different chemicals being placed in the fields to produce more food at a faster rate. These chemicals can be very harmful for human consumption. People do not need antibiotics and pesticides in any kind of food they consume. If a person needed to consume any type of antibiotic they would get it from their family physician when they are sick. Some people have allergic reactions to certain antibiotics, which means foods with its residue in and on it would make that person ill and could possibly be fatal. Pesticides have never been approved for human consumption and can be fatal to some people. Antibiotic and pesticide residues consumed by people can have lasting effects on the human body, even in the next generation not yet born.


Organic food and beverages are from farms who do not use antibiotics and pesticides on their crops. Dairy cows and other farm animals raised for human consumption who consume organic crops are going to be healthier for people to eat and drink. Farm animals raised on organic crops will not have any signs of or even use any type of antibiotics and pesticides to produce more milk and meat. Those animals do not have the toxins in them because organic crops are grown without any use of any kind of antibiotics and pesticides. The meat and milk from animals fed from organic crops taste more like the meat and milk they are supposed to be. The shelf life of these types of foods and beverages may not always be as long as their toxic counterparts, but the natural taste of these items can tasted better.


People are becoming more aware of what they put in their mouths and in their loved one’s mouths. They are paying more attention not only to fats and sugars but also to healthy, non-toxic foods and beverages. Some people eat only certain organic foods and beverages, while others are turning all the way to only consuming organic things. With more people turning to organic foods and animal byproducts fed from organic crops, there is a higher demand for these types of foods and beverages. Many grocery stores are selling more and more organic foods as the demand rises, but do not always carry what a person is wanting or looking for. This has prompted organic only stores to come into existence. These organic only stores have a bigger selection for what people are looking for and wanting.


With the demand on the rise for healthy and natural organic foods and beverages, the organic food stores are showing an increase. Both Canada and the United States are seeing an increase in these types of stores all over their country. To label food as “natural” or “organic” it will be checked by the “US Department of Agriculture” (USDA) and has to fulfill their standards with different requirements to labels like “100 percent organic” and “organic”.

Unless the efforts are strict, more and more organic foods are produced. The US organic food market from 2009 to 2010 grew up by 8 percent with a sum of $27,6 billion. Nevertheless, its market share accounts for only 4 percent of the hole capital of the US food industry. The market has still an enormous potential to grow.

Organic stores are not in every city in each of these countries right now, but there usually is one within driving distance of where a person lives or works. Healthy and natural organic food stores, such as Whole Foods Market, The Big Carrot Natural Food Market and Planet Organic Market, carry many items grown from an organic only crop. Any type of meat and dairy products in these stores are from animals fed from organically grown crops and farms. The prices at these stores are usually a tad higher than other grocery stores from around Canada and the United States. The higher prices for the healthy, natural organic foods is well worth it, because the food tastes natural and there are no harmful toxins in it.


There are many wonderful benefits to eating organic foods. These benefits in turn mean the natural organic food stores are extremely beneficial to society in Canada and the United States. Some of the benefits are:


Natural organic foods contain no added hormones. People do not need to eat and drink foods with added hormones because it can make their own hormones go haywire. Foods with added hormones are wreaking havoc on growing children’s bodies. Children who eat foods with added hormones in it tend to go through puberty sooner than their bodies are wanting to. A child’s mind is not ready to go through puberty at an early age.


When a person wants to get rid of insects they will use a pesticide spray on the insect or the insects home. If there are weeds a person wants to get rid of they will use a spray containing a herbicide. Pesticides and herbicides work on insects and weeds because they contain a poison in them. Nobody wants to put a poison in their body which could potentially kill them at high levels. Natural organic foods and beverages have no traces of these poisons, not even a little tiny itsy bitsy amount.


All farm animals raised for human consumption on organic farms are never injected with any antibiotics. The antibiotics change the taste and texture in the byproducts of animals which were injected with it. If a person eats organically fed animal by products, then their body will respond better when their family physician prescribes them an antibiotic.


Healthy and natural organic foods do taste better than foods with pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics in them. Organic foods taste better because the food was able to grow and mature at its own rhythm and pace. The food has a home grown taste to it. People want to eat food they can taste what it naturally is.


Organic farms do not put anything unwanted into the land. This in turn means nothing unwanted is getting into the water levels of the land. Pesticides and other toxins can and will hurt the soil and eventually get into the water of the planet. Organic farms are not introducing toxins to the soil, therefore future generations will not have polluted soil under their feet.

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